Our greatest experience is in the field of lawnmower blade manufacturing. Products are made for export to Europe, and for this reason our product line is geared toward the needs of this geographic area: you can find the latest well-known brands as well as tried and tested models, tractor blades, collectors, mulching and special multi-blade systems, universal blades, blade handles, blades, tillers, etc. For the most popular types of models, we keep stock on hand in our warehouse, so we are usually able to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses on short notice.

We source our raw materials from only market leader Swedish and Italian steel factories, thereby laying the foundation for our commitment to perfect quality. We further improve the quality of steel using heat treatment, so that the final product meets requirements such as strength and wear resistance. In order to meet the requirements specified by the relevant international standards and also to ensure compliance with the standards we ourselves have determined, we have been operating our own quality management system for 10 years.

We introduce new products using our own tool-making division, which has one or two months of lead time, and which ensures that the products we produce can be used in place of the original without any limitations and that the quality parameters of the original are met or exceeded.

By paying attention to the needs of our partners in the EU, we hold product liability insurance valid in every country in Europe, which guarantees that products can be sold effectively and risk-free.

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